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To live more brightly and more festively

The exhibition of the artist Aaron Zinshtein became one more step in construction of the cultural bridge between twin towns Almaty and Saint-Petersburg. The representatives of the Jewish community of Kazakhstan took part in the opening. The president of "Mitsva" Association Alexandr Baron has thanked the organizers of an opening day for unique opportunity to see pictures of the bright and exciting artist - Jew on ground of Kazakhstan and invited Aaron Zinshtein in the following arrival to visit Almaty Hesed.

According to the manager of the Centre of art of new time of a State museum of arts named after Kasteyev Galena Syrlybayeva: "By the professionalism she establishes a high level of quality for the subsequent opening days of a museum". Madam Syrlybayeva also has informed, that the 2007 is announced in a museum as a year of support and propagation of the graphic arts. The exhibition of Zinshtein, representing in the basic graphic work, onceagain confirms, that graphic art remains one of the most popular kinds of fine art.

At an exhibition of one of the brightest artists of picturesque school of northern capital of Russia 45 his products - painting, graphic work were presented.

According to art-historian from St.-Petersburg madam Karasik: "Aaron Zinshtein - is artist of strong temperament. His art grasps us and excites, inducing sharper to perceive the world, it is more courageous to feel, to live more brightly and festively. He is bewitched with transformation of stroke in a figure, stain in the person, paint in the form, plane in space, lifeless in alive, at last, of painting - in life and life in painting.The world for him - is surplus. It is a whirlwind of paints and lines, people and subjects, gestures and movements, feelings and experiences ".

The list of exhibitions, in which took part Zinshtein for a quarter of century, would occupy too much place. Last years his personal exhibitions passed in Russia, France, Switzerland; among them - in Palace of City administration of Grenoble (1993), in the Petersburg Arena (1999), in the Petersburg Museum of Anna Akhmatova (Fountain house) (2000). The picturesque and graphic works Zinshtein are in assemblies of Russian museum (St.-Petersburg), Public library named after M.. E Saltykov-Shedrin (St.-Petersburg), Museum of a history of St.-Petersburg, Literary - memorial museum of F. Dostoevsky (St.-Petersburg), museums and galleries of Nizhny Tagil, Irbit, Novosibirsk, Kiev, and also in many private assemblies of Russia, France, England, Switzerland, Germany.

Almaty 15.01.2007
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